Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Almost a Wedding!

We are in the final stretch towards the wedding and I am so EXCITED! I'm sitting here at work and just want to clap my hands, giggle and jump up and down in my seat. It is such an enormous blessing to see my son marrying the woman he loves and even more of a blessing that we love her as well. I found the Lego bride and groom picture on the web because I didn't want to post any real wedding stuff pictures and give anything away before the event. :)

One of the really cool side benefits of the whole thing is all the phone calls. I get teased a lot by my family for my love of talking on the phone and when you're planning a wedding you get LOADS of phone time! I am having a blast talking to family and friends that I haven't talked to in some time. The thing is, I can easily talk an hour on the phone with family and friends and then if they call back later in the day I can easily talk another hour. So imagine these people that I haven't talked to in awhile! There are still several that I haven't gotten hold of yet, so I know that I get lots more phone time to look forward to.

~ Elizabeth

"The miracle of love is like the miracle of a flower, it thrives upon the sunshine of a smile...it entwines itself around the heart. Its roots are secured in the memories of yesterday and its petals breathe the promise of joy-filled tomorrows. To be loved is to know happiness and contentment. To give love is to know the joy of sharing oneself. It is through the miracle of love that we discover the fullness of life."

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