Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Cakes and Catching Up!

More wedding! The cakes were made by Marcy, Loni's sister, and they were absolutely gorgeous. The groom's cake was strawberry cake and chocolate frosting, topped with chocolate dipped strawberries made to look like tuxedos. The sides of the groom's cake was done in basketweave and she did the strawberry theme because she knew that James loves chocolate dipped strawberries. James and Loni picked out the topper for the wedding cake and I am still just in awe that Marcy made this!

Very difficult to come off the super happy high of the last few weeks and try to get back into routine at home and work. I also need to catch up on a few other newsworthy items on the blog:

My cousin Melissa had her twin boys last week! The babies are doing well, but are staying in the hospital a bit longer since they were born early. So very happy for them and for the new grandma and grandpa!

And in addition to James becoming a husband on Saturday, yesterday he became an uncle! Loni's younger sister Vanessa had her baby girl Monday afternoon and mom and baby are doing well.

This Thursday night a very dear girl is graduating from high school and unfortunately neither of us could get off work to attend. We've known Kari since she was born and in thinking about her graduation this week I also keep thinking of the little girl she was. She was such a cute baby and now has grown into a beautiful young woman. I am so very proud of her. :)

~ Elizabeth

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