Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Chocolate and Crop Pants

Today for lunch was a Walmart run. I actually was looking for plastic shoe boxes so that I can start organizing my closet, but the only ones they had were a really pretty brown tint, which I was afraid would come off looking more stained than tinted. I see a Container Store visit in my future! The picture is to brag about my health filled dessert purchase - hey...at least I got the dark chocolate so that I can get the health benefits - LOL!

I also got a really nice pair of black crop pants that I LOVE. They fit very pretty and have a black and tan "string" belt. I'm very pleased and they only cost seventeen something! Also got two tan tops to wear with them, so an entire outfit for under thirty bucks. Today for work I"m wearing my "uniform"...so called because I wear this pair of black pants and this top every single week. I suppose I can still wear my uniform top with the new crop pants to have a part new, part old friend outfit.

It's kind of a bummer to go to Walmart at lunch instead of Super Target simply because I don't get to splurge at the Starbucks inside of Target! The Target near my work isn't a super and there is no Starbucks, so really what's the point. ;) And actually I needed to buy some hair goo at the styling place inside of Walmart (cheaper than buying it at my salon), so that's why Walmart won over Target.

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