Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Wonderful Weekend

So many good stories to tell from my weekend that it will probably take forever to get to them all. We had a grand time and it was good to spend some normal time with family. In the last 12 months we've had 3 weddings, a funeral and the holidays, so all of those events involve lots of things that must be done in addition to visiting with family. This was nice to be able to just visit.

We started the day at Nordstrom's Rack for the big shoe sale. What seemed like miles of shoes stretched out for our shopping pleasure. I did good and only got one pair, but they are so nice and will fit in my wardrobe perfectly. The picture is my cousin Michele and mom is right behind her. We then went next door to Tuesday Morning and my only purchase there was a set of sheets that I needed to buy anyway.

Next stop was lunch at La Madeleine. This shot was our group at that point - we had people coming and going all day

as their schedule allowed. Lunch at La Madeleine is ALWAYS a good thing!

We headed off to Sam Moon and of course shopping there on a Saturday is pure insanity. So many people shopping and some of us just went next door to a deli and sat with a Coke and waited for the shoppers. Off to a discount shoe house, because a woman can never have too many shoes! Our last shopping stop was the Outlet Stores in Allen, then off to Michele's house to crash.

Sunday morning we all met at Blue Mesa Grill for brunch, then all of the out of towners left from there for home. It was a wonderful weekend and I hope we all get together "just because" again soon.

~ Elizabeth

"A family is like a tossed salad - each ingredient is distinct and identifiable."

- Naomi Judd

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Anonymous said...

Hey sis!! I wanted to say how sad I was I could not join all of you in the fun. I am very proud of you for the shoe purchase...at a great store on top of it all.

The next one you are so stuck with me!