Monday, November 21, 2005

Monday Morning

Just another shot from our fun in the front yard last night. :)

And here it is Monday of Thanksgiving week. I finally have a little bit of my voice back today and think I might be getting over the worst part of the creeping crud that I had - yay!

Saturday I headed up to Remember When in Whitesboro with a friend for the monthly 8x8 album class. Tracy, the teacher, is so nice and so talented - I love these classes! This class was "the year in review" with a 2 page layout for each month. I am a sloooow scrapper, so I only finished through March. But I did take pictures of the other months so that I can finish up at home. We then stayed for a Chatterbox class that is a really cute little album. I wasn't sure about the class before taking it, but it really is a lot of bang for the buck and I'm glad I took it. Still not entirely sure what I'll do with this little album, but that's ok! I really, really enjoyed this day. My group of friends tends to travel in a pack mostly, so it was truly great to spend some one-on-one time for a change.

Yesterday I ran up to Scrapbook Warehouse for some ink pads that I needed and was surprised to run into 2 groups of 2 people I knew! Most of my group was at a retreat this weekend, so it was a pleasant surprise to run into more people.

Now I'll confess one of my "silly pleasures" - I have always loved disaster movies! All of them - doesn't matter how bad. Of course this meant I was going to watch tv last night since the remake of The Poseidon Adventure was on. I sat down to knit on my sock, finished the gusset and decided I couldn't take it anymore and had to try it on. The loud "SNAP!" I heard was my first clue to the disaster.....I broke one of my precious Lantern Moon needles! On the bright side, the sock seems to fit well. ~ sigh ~ At least these needles come in a set of 5 and I only use 4, so I went ahead and started knitting. Very shortly after that I dropped two stitches, so I stopped them from running by putting them on a needle, then decided perhaps I shouldn't be knitting anymore and set it all aside to worry about this evening.

And before I forget - YAY Tony!

~ Elizabeth

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Cherryl said...

You know we were in heaven when Tony won! He has come a long way from 'Bad Boy' to 'Winner' and he is such a nice person. Too bad he has a temper - but then guys who do what he does have to be a little off don't they?

Love you,