Thursday, November 03, 2005

Happy Birthday To Me!


What a nice surprise I got in the mail yesterday! This is the prize I got for my 3rd place tie in the knit design contest! I was so happy to open it up and see what it was and the colors are so me. So what's a woman to do but sit down and cast on for a pair of socks? I already have about half the ribbing done on the first sock! The colors of this yarn are working up really pretty and it's a nice yarn to work with.

Tonight I think we'll be going out to dinner with James and Loni for my birthday. Last night we went to El Chico with Lynne' (she has to work tonight), so I'm getting two birthday meals out of this!

And we've been working really hard at work and get tomorrow off as our "reward"!!! Perfect timing since mom and Grandma will be getting into town tomorrow for our big "girl's shopping weekend" with all the cousins and aunts and such.

~ Elizabeth

"The coffee is richer, the conversation better, the whole world brighter when we share them with our friends."
- Kiefer James

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!!! You are like a great get better with age. Plus you might have to be uncorked from time to time.

Your sis!