Wednesday, November 30, 2005

A Layout!

Actually have the Thanksgiving layout complete from this year! While I applaud myself for getting it done so timely, I also realize how little scrapbooking I've done this year. But that's ok - the scrapbooking police won't be visiting any time soon - I hope!

I finally went to the doctor yesterday for my coughing and such and I have bronchitis, which really comes as no surprise. I left the doctor's office with a fist full of prescriptions and headed straight to the pharmacy. I *love* the cough syrup she gave me because it actually works! However, I woke up about 12:30 last night coughing and since my next dose wasn't due until 2:00 I got up and went into the living room to knit on my sock. I've started the toe shaping, so sock #1 should be completed while watching Lost tonight. Then the true test will come - trying it on to see if the fit is right before casting on the 2nd sock!

Other than that we're plugging along! Keith worked on setting up his building last night and it's looking so cool. Lynne' took the camera out and got pictures for me, then tried to entice Joe inside the building. It took some effort on her part to get the chicken dog in there, but then he strutted like he owned the place. :rolling my eyes at my guard dog:

~ Elizabeth
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