Thursday, October 13, 2005

Virtuous Woman???

I'm feeling very virtuous this morning. I actually got up on time today (my new self-imposed getting up early) and was able to sit in the chair in my bedroom - next to my new bedside table lamp - and drink coffee and have a bagel while reading. Very relaxing way to start the day. Then I looked at the clock and realized how much time I still had left before I had to leave for work, so Joe and I took a walk in the beautiful, cool fall morning. Not really a lot of exercise because he was very pokey this morning, but I was still able to enjoy the time. When I got back I still had time to actually make my lunch and bring it - finally! I have got to get control of my eating out again before it gets control of me.

Just love our Wednesday nights together and really it's not much of anything! Keith and I love to watch the show Lost (love, love, love that show!) and since the season began this year I've had to record it since he's been at work and we watch it over the weekend. Last night though we were able to sit and watch it "real time" together! It's funny to watch him reach for the remote to fast forward through commercials though. ;)

I sat and did some knitting on another washcloth during the show and have only one more row to go before binding off. This one goes off to Canada for an exchange I'm in on a yahoo list and it looks like I'll actually be on time! Today at lunch I'm going to work on charting a new pattern and hopefully will get it cast on this evening. Then back to the Booga Bag and get going on the i-cord handle. Can you say boring knitting???

~ Elizabeth

"None so empty of grace as he that thinks he is full."
- Thomas Watson

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