Friday, October 28, 2005

Lunch With The Ducks

Yesterday at lunch James, Loni, Shannon and I went through the Taco Bueno drive-thru and then headed to a nearby park. We had a big bag of stale popcorn, bread and crackers to feed the ducks and had a wonderful time. In addition to the ducks, there were turtles and catfish that came up to feed at our "buffet". The weather was perfect and it was such a great break away from work. What was really interesting to me is that this park is back in a neighborhood near our work and I never even knew it was there. It had this big pond, a covered picnic area, tables and a really nice playground for kids. Nice to know it's there for the future!

~ Elizabeth

Simul justis et peccatur (We are at one time both saint and sinner.)
- Martin Luther

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