Monday, October 10, 2005

Day 1 and Page 1

Today was Day 1 of Keith's new job and it went well. Interesting to hear about the benefits that this company offers as there are some I've never heard of before - and I really like them! He'll be on days for a couple of weeks before starting his shift, so we'll be like a real couple for a while. :)

Here's Page 1 of the Heritage Album I'm working on. The pages are 8x8 and I love working in this size.

We took Joe to the park again tonight - which makes his 4th time. We've decided that we shouldn't push him too hard since he's so overweight, so he just gets to go every other day. Today was fun because there was nobody at all there, so Joe and Lynne' played on the playground equipment. Of course this was the time that not only did I not have a camera, but I didn't even have my camera phone with me!

And I am SORE! We did yard work all day long yesterday! We did stop for lunch and went to a new sandwich shop that opened by the house the day before. All three of us thoroughly approved of the shop (and in fact I got a sandwich there for lunch again today!), then went to Home Depot to buy a "girlie" chain saw. Lynne' and I had been sawing branches all morning with a hand saw because our chain saw is too heavy. We found a small electric one that works quite well. When we got back from the eating/shopping trip the new chain saw and the old chipper got quite a workout - and so did we! But all while I was working all I could think was "Thank You Jesus" because earlier this year I wasn't even able to sit up straight, let alone do yard work.

~ Elizabeth

""Life is an adventure in forgiveness."
- Norman Cousins

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Beanie said...


Sounds like you are doing well, I am so happy for you. Miss you and hope to see you soon. Will try to attend Helen's crop on the 22nd, will you be there?

Hugs and Prayers,