Friday, October 21, 2005

Lynne's Birthday

Ahh....Friday...what a blessing it is each week! Today it is finally cooler and feels like fall outside. I am especially fond of Friday mornings because I am able to work from home today. I feel so blessed to have a company willing to work with me on my illness and making it to where I'm able to continue working. God is good for sending this company to me! Fridays I'm able to stay in bed an extra hour because there is no drive time - and that means no stress as well. Today I gave Joe a well deserved bath and after work today I'll use the Furminator on him. What an awesome invention that is - I highly recommend it for anybody with hairy dogs. And I've already had my bagel and coffee and sat in my room reading and enjoying the calm of the morning. After my morning surfing I'm heading back to my chair and will knit for the remainder of the time before work. Thank you God for Fridays! :)

And last night was so nice. Lynne's 20th birthday was Wednesday (she's an adult now!), but she worked late that night and James and Loni had class Wednesday, so she decided to wait and celebrate Thursday. We went to Buca di Beppo, an italian restaurant for dinner. Lynne' had been there twice before, but none of the rest of us had ever been. Really good and they serve their food family style, so we ordered 3 small entrees and everybody dished up some of each. We still had leftovers, so lunch today is something to look forward to!

She looked so cute last night! Wednesday night she'd gone shopping with some friends and bought a new outfit - a short, plaid skirt, a little black top and the white top to wear over it. I really wish I'd gotten a picture of her whole outfit, but will have to wait and do that another time. We did cut into her birthday cake before bed, too, so healthy eating did not happen! I had stopped at Carvel on the way home from work Wednesday to pick up an ice cream cake since she is an ice cream fiend. MMMmmmm......

~ Elizabeth

Then You Grew

When I held you in my arms for the very first time,
I thought I could never love you more...
but then you grew.

In those precious baby times --
through your first smile,
your first tooth, your first steps,
I thought I could never love you more...
but then you grew.

And in those sweet toddler times --
the endless days of curiosity
and adventures and discoveries,
I thought I could never love you more...
but then you grew.

And in those wonderful little girl times --
those days of hurt knees and hurt feelings,
of making friends and taking in the world around you,
I thought I could never love you more...
but then you grew.

And in those lovely young woman times --
those times of moods and mysteries,
and joys and heartaches, I
thought I could never love you more...
but again, you grew.

And still, always, day by day,
you keep growing...
more and more beautiful. . .
nearer and dearer to my heart.
- Unknown

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