Monday, October 24, 2005

Brisk Fall Morning!

We woke up to 41 degrees in North Texas this morning! Luckily Keith lit the pilot light last night and the heater did come on. I dearly love brisk mornings like this and hate to get out of bed. I did get up though (!), fed the boys and started the coffee pot, because a cup of coffee on a day like this just completes the morning.

Fall is also one of my favorite times to decorate the house. This little guy is new and sits happily atop our mantel. I love his jaunty smile!

I've decided that Monday mornings are not really all that bad as long as you have a great weekend behind you. Keith and I got up Saturday morning and went out for breakfast for the first time in months (due to his previous job schedule). Seems like we're able to solve all the world's problems on these breakfast outings. Then I cropped all day with friends and met some really nice new people. I actually finished a 2 page layout except for some computer work even! I did a lot of the printing last night and will probably finish that up this evening.

Sunday morning was a fabulous service at church that really spoke to me. I just love going to this church - the music, the sermons, the people - it's all good! We got back home and watched some of the Nascar race and I was able to knit on the i-cord handle of my Booga Bag. I've got maybe 2 feet of it finished now and am looking forward to the felting process as I've never done it before. Oh and Saturday I took pictures of a knitting project that I designed myself and submitted it to an online design contest! I'm just tickled silly that I was able to do it and the contest is totally secondary to my sense of accomplishment.

We did take Joe to the park yesterday afternoon and did quite a bit of running, which wore me out way more than it did the dog! He really loves the cooler weather as well and acted almost like a puppy. Makes me smile every time I see him playing at the park.

This is the other thing I love about fall - candy corn! My absolute favorite candy in the world even though I know full well it's probably all sugar. One of the gals at the crop Saturday said that if you mix candy corn and salted peanuts together in a bowl and eat them that way it will taste just like the Stuckey's pecan rolls, though I haven't tried that yet. And I really like my little candy corn crock that I got from Longaberger a couple of years ago. It's especially nice when filled with candy corn!

~ Elizabeth

Life can't be chicken livers every day.
- Max

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