Wednesday, October 19, 2005

"A" Page

UGH - another reason to not like doing yard work. Keith and I both woke up this morning with draining noses and scratchy throats. Not really sick, just yucko. We're convinced it's from breathing in all the dust from the chain saw and chipper/shredder. Note to self - use the face mask in the future!

Last night passed rather in a blur. We took Joe to the park, cooked dinner, did some clean up around the house and I actually did some scrapbooking! The last couple of weeks during my internet travels I've seen more than once an ABC Bible Verse album that people have done and I decided this was a good project for me. The last few days I've been looking up "A" verses and came up with a favorite. My album will be 6x6, no pictures and no journalling. Since I've been wanting the Bible to be a bigger part of my life, this project is perfect. I will have prayer time while doing the pages and when I'm done I will have a nice devotional album to look through and pray with. And on a personal note - I've been really down lately and perhaps the Lord sent this project to me to help me see the way out.

~ Elizabeth

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