Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Note About Blog Parties and Links

You might have noticed on the bottom of my Waffle Knit Dishcloth post that I listed a bunch of places that I linked the post to. It's a great way to share things you've made, but more important than that - the glorious crafts to see! I started visiting these blog parties and seriously could sit for hours looking and dreaming and planning what next to make.

Since I am enjoying these so much I've started working on a new "page" for the blog to list the parties. You'll see the link up at the top - right under the beautiful photo of a dandelion and it's cleverly titled Weekly Blog Parties. Still adding to it, but it will be done soon.

If ever you are bored or not feeling inspired to be crafty, click up there and start visiting these places. You will quickly lose track of time and have a bunch of windows open in your browser as you try to bookmark all the great ideas.

You are welcome. ;)

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