Sunday, August 22, 2010

Joe Loves the Lake!

Today Keith and I took a quick trip out to the lake with our faithful sidekick Joe.  Joe is a 10 year old Golden that seemingly turns into a puppy every time he’s around water – it’s truly a site to behold!


As hot as it was today the first thing we did after getting out of the No Wake Zone was head to the nearest beach so that he could get wet.  The minute we slow down to maneuver the boat on the beach he rushes to the back  of the boat and waits for the signal.  He really loves it. 

I wish I would’ve gotten a picture of him with his life jacket on – we always get so many comments while on the water.  Most of the time people are curious and ask if he’s not able to swim or why he has to wear a life jacket.  The thing is, this dog will swim until he is totally exhausted and his back end starts sinking because he’s too tired to hold himself up.  We started using the life jacket years ago just for our peace of mind.

As lunchtime rolled around we really weren’t ready to go back yet, but with the dog we weren’t able to stop at one of the many restaurants on the lake.  Then Keith remembered that one of the restaurants has a “pull up and order” dock!  While not quite as grand as a Sonic, you do pull into a parking place, get out of the boat to the central area, look at the menu and push the button.  Coolest thing ever! 

I went inside to order though as I really did want to wash my hands before eating, you know, since we’d been in the lake all day!  When I came back outside I saw this:


Keith had set Joe up on the back of the boat and he was getting comments and “good boy!” from everybody that walked by.  Mr. Social Butterfly dog was truly in his element.

And being a tad geriatric, he slept the entire way home and is in a very deep sleep at my feet right now.  He loves every minute of the lake, but it sometimes takes him a bit to recoup afterwards.  Not that I’m passing judgment since it honestly takes me a little longer than it used to as well!


Tales From My Empty Nest said...

What a fun day you all had on the lake. Your dog is adorable! When I got home from the mountains today, your sweet card was here. I was so thrilled to see that I was the proud recipient of the gorgeous star card that you posted about a while back. I LOVE it!!! Stars are very special to me! I have my card on a little stand in my office. Thanks so much, Elizabeth! Love & blessings from NC!

Natalie Rush said...

What a lovely time!! Abby is thoroughly jealous!!

Lisa @ Grandma's Briefs said...

Joe looks like THE perfect family dog. Sounds like a wonderful day for all three of you! I hope the recouping went well for all.