Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday’s Fave Five #102

FFF blue

For whatever reason I sure feel like doing a Snoopy dance today for Friday!  It has not been a bad week, just happy to see the weekend I suppose.  As always, click on over to Susanne at Living To Tell The Story for more Friday Fave Five.

1. Feeding the Birds – which makes me think of this Disney song:

So back to my original thoughts – and funny that I’ve put a Disney video here.  I am enjoying my two bird feeders immensely.  At different times during the day there might be 20-30 birds on the feeder, on the tree next to it, the ground underneath and in the bushes nearby.  Usually there will be a squirrel or two frolicking nearby as well.  I’ve told Keith that when it gets like this it reminds me of a Disney movie, like Cinderella to be exact, when she walks out with her melodic singing and the birds flutter around and land on her shoulders.  While I don’t have it quite that idyllic (yet!), it brings me great joy to sit and watch the birds.  I’m very blessed to have quite a few cardinals in the area (who knew?) and they are so very beautiful.

2. Baking – I’ve mentioned before my cooking blog, Gramma’s Cookin’, and I have to say that the side benefit of starting this is that I’m thoroughly enjoying baking and cooking again.  To be fair, when you reach the empty nest stage of life you really do have so much more time and that does help to change a task from a chore to a joy.  I am actually cooking my way through a lot of the recipes that I’ve torn out of magazines through the years or printed from the internet.  In the process I”m finding some new big favorites – what a bonus!

(and let me add – I have a Blueberry Pound Cake in the oven right now that smells divine!)

3. Knitting – Because Netflix has the instant view feature we’re catching up on quite a few tv series that we missed out on through the years.  Since this involves a lot of quality “sitting” time I’m also getting a lot of knitting done.  Finished a shawl last night and as soon as the ends are woven in I’ll be sharing that here.  Which meant that I immediately cast on a hat and I’ll betcha it will be done today, so that will be shared soon as well.  Honestly – there is nothing quite so soothing as that yarn sliding through my fingers and creating something. 

4. Room rearranging – Oh.My.Word.  This house is in such chaos right now as we redefine what some of the rooms will be used for.  But I’m actually starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel for “my room” and have started even thinking of the decorating process.  I’ll have my computer desk (naturally!), scrapbooking table, cutting table and sewing machine in here.  Since it will be a place to create I’m hoping that I can eventually get it to look like a place to inspire me as well.  Really looking forward to making things in here and feeling very blessed to have this space.

5. My daughter got a job!  Really I probably should’ve made this #1 since that’s pretty huge.  She’s been working at a job through a temp agency for the last 2 years and just went through interviews and such at a different company and got the job!  She started yesterday and when we talked last night it did this mama’s heart good to hear her so happy and at peace.  I’m especially thrilled that she’s working at a good company and got a good offer during this economy.  God is good – all the time!


Carrie said...

HURRAY for your daughter!

And I, too, am dancing about just because the weekend is upon us.

Happy FFF!

Night Owl Mama said...

Congrat on your dd getting a job that is awesome. I was just talking to my son the other day bout checking out a temp agency to get some work experience. I have to tell him about your daughter. Thanks
New follower stop on by See ya then :D

Karyn said...

Thanks for sharing that video clip. I used to know every word of every song from that Soundtrack. Back when we could only see the movie once (at the theater) then content ourselves with the 'record' of the songs. No videos or DVD's to watch and rewatch 1000 times.

On feeding the birds.....When I lived in Louisiana for a few months I had feeders outside my window - The variety and multitude of birds that visited were one of my favorite things about those few months. The birds here at home are not so varied and there are no trees near my house so bird watching is not as easy - but I understand your fascination!

Congrats to your girl on landing a good full time job!

Lisa notes... said...

I love bird feeders, too. I just added a new one last week. So are you saying I’ll enjoy cooking when my last child leaves home? Can you guarantee that? Ha. I hope I will. Hope you have fun with your new spaces when you’re finished rearranging. Congrats to your daughter!

TXDidi said...

Congrats to your daughter on her job. I'm sure there was a lot of competition for the position, too. I love the song "Feed the Birds." I remember crying through it when I first saw the movie in the theater. And I know exactly what you mean about catching up on knitting while you view shows. That's when I get all my quality knitting time completed. I love Netflix. Have a great week.

Jerralea said...

Congrats to your daughter - getting a good job in today's economy is definitely a blessing!

I'd love to have the time to try out all the recipes I've been saving for years too. It's nice to hear that you can enjoy cooking again - I'm kind of burnt out on it after cooking for 35 years.

Unknown said...

Daughters getting jobs is huge! congrats to her!

We have been rearranging rooms all summer trying to get it just right... so I know what that is about!

Have a great weekend

Deb Chitwood said...

Sounds like your life is busy and full! It’s so true that we do need to rearrange our lives after our kids grow up. I found blogging to add an amazing new dimension to my life. I’ve also had fun experimenting with new vegetarian recipes. I’m a scrap booker as well – love digital scrapbooking and creating word art. Of course, now I’ve made myself too busy again! I found you through the Follow Friday 40 and Over.

momma24 said...

Great list and congrats to your daughter!

Brenda said...

I love cooking and have a whole pile of recipes waiting to be organized.

We love netflix too and I am watching something with my husband as I check my FFF :)

Willow said...

What GREAT news about your daughter's job! What a blessing!

We are great netflix fans and do the same--watch old TV shows we never watched before. It gives me lots of knitting and spinning time. I'm looking forward to seeing that shawl!

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

Too bad you don't live closer. You and I like so many of the same things. I too love the birds. I love to feed my outside birds and I also have a sweet little inside bird... a canary. I also love to bake, especially sweets. I enjoy trying lots of new recipes. And I love to knit. I am getting ready to try your new dishcloth pattern that you shared. I can't wait to see your shawl. Congrats to your daughter. I know you are proud of her. Enjoy your weekend. Love & blessings from NC!

Kari said...

So happy for you and your daughter. Congratulations.
I'm also rearranging rooms too. It does get chaotic but I enjoy it.
I love how you described all the birds - very very Disney like.
Happy weekend.

Unknown said...

Great list, and great news about your daughter's job!

How did the blueberry pound cake turn out?

Susanne said...

Congratulations to your daughter!

You made me smile with the being in a Disney movie comment. I would love to be able to watch birds but they won't come by our house with the cat out there staring at them.

Hazel said...

I'm too late for the blueberry pound cake hohoh... oh well, next time then :) (I got stuck at work and just came peeping at my blog tonight, sorry for visiting late) The video clip is beautiful. Thanks for sharing, I so enjoyed that! Congratulations to your daughter.