Monday, August 02, 2010

Brooklyn Loves the Circus

WARNING – picture heavy, proud Grandma post is here!

So much fun – we went to the Ringling Brothers circus Friday night with all our family and lots of extended family.


We arrived an hour early so that we could go out on the floor where they had all kinds of things set up.  Brooklyn was pleased as punch to have her Grandpa carry her around.



And fun, and a little strange feeling, to have a red circus nose while your Aunt Nay is carrying you!



VERY impressed with this – she saw one of the acrobats helping kids stand on a big ball and she wanted to try.  She said “Grandma take my picture” and she stood up there.  I love that she’s not afraid to try new things.



The elephants were definitely Brooklyn’s favorite part and she kept asking when they would come out.



Right now she’s into “take my picture Grandma” and then “let me see” right afterwards.  Good thing that digital cameras give us the ability to do that!



We splurge and got a bag of cotton candy that also came with a felt wizard hat.  Our entire row ate on the candy and it really does make the experience more fun – and sugary!



This is what happens when you’ve had a bunch of cotton candy and a sno cone – you get the sillies while Daddy is holding you!  Brooklyn loved having her daddy wear the hat.



You can barely tell in this picture, but she’s on Mommy’s lap now and playing with her cousin Katelynn.  These were little toy things that would spin and light up and the girls had a blast with them.


What a blessing that night was!

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Natalie Rush said...

She is so adorable!! Love all the pictures!