Friday, August 06, 2010

Friday's Fave Five #100!

FFF blue

And back on track with a Friday's Fave Five! Love looking at the week's blessings and a big thank you to Susanne at Living To Tell The Story for hosting each week.


Flowers! I haven't been feeling well lately and the doorbell rang and this was on the other side. After I realized they were for ME - not a neighbor that maybe wasn't home - LOL! - I was giddy! They are from my Aunt with an "I love you" card inside. Is that not the sweetest thing ever?

2. Phone Calls - When the phone rings and it's a friend you haven't spoken with for quite some time, you really can't stop the smile on your face. Life just gets so busy for all of us and to have somebody reach out like this was an unexpected pleasure. There are lessons to be learned here people - we need to slow down and enjoy the process of life and not just rush through it. <-- And that's spoken for my benefit as much as for anybody else. :)

3. Sundays - Every week I look forward to us meeting our daughter at church and worshipping together. And just as special in its own way is going out for breakfast together afterwards. We're having so much fun trying out new places. Coming up it will be even more different as our church is mixing up some of the services and we might end up going to a later service (still undecided). If that happens we'll still go out to eat together, it just might be for a lunch meal instead of breakfast! It's all good though when we can spend time with the ones we love.

4. Room Rearranging - We did end up buying the bedroom furniture from Craigslist that I talked about a few weeks back. Absolutely love it! What this means is that we are rearranging some of the rooms in our home and they will have a new purpose. Once all the dust settles I'll take some pictures, but I'm kind of enjoying spending time every evening getting some things done around here. It's all rather unhurried too, which is nice, which means we can take the time to go through some things now and purge/delete/donate/throw away! Our only real goal is to get it finished before the holidays get here because at that time we'll want to have our focus elsewhere.

5. Crafts - Along with all the rearranging and going through I'm revisiting some old craft projects. I sent an email to my mom this week saying that I see these things and I love them as much today as when I bought them, so to me that's a sign of a good purchase. As I sort and arrange that closet I'm kind of putting things in the order that I want to work on them and am so excited and ready to get started. I also found a few knitting projects that only lack the ends being woven in and then blocking, so those will get done very soon. Loving my crafting again!


Tales From My Empty Nest said...

Boy, you have been busy!!! I know you are thrilled with your new bedroom suite. Love Craig's list. I enjoy going through my old craft projects too. I never lack for anything to do around here. That will never be a problem of mine. Enjoy being with your daughter this Sunday. I love to eat breakfast out. Sounds like you have a great weekend in store. Love & blessings from NC!

TXDidi said...

What beautiful flowers. Hope you are feeling better now. Rearranging rooms is so much fun. I never get tired of it, much to my hubby's chagrin. And you only have to do the blocking on those knitting projects, girl? My goodness, you're almost done. Have you tried just steaming them with a steam iron? I'm finding that it's such a quick way to block things although I still block shawls the old-fashioned way. Have a great week.

Melli said...

My my my! You have had QUITE a week! Flowers, phone calls, and NEW furniture! Whoooo hoo! I just finished redecorating my room this week -- and though it didn't make my list, it IS a favorite!~

Brenda said...

Meeting family and friends at church is a wonderful thing and a great way to start the week.

Can't wait to see pictures of the new room!

LISA said...

The girls and I are trying to get back to craft type projects, they make us feel so productive.
I enjoyed meeting you and that bean pot you found is a real treasure.
Hope you have a blessed weekend.

Linda said...

Such a lovely list Elizabeth. Flowers always brighten the day. I hope you're feeling better.
I recently unearthed all my unfinished projects too. I am finishing up the second one and anxious to tackle a few more.
Have a blessed weekend.

momma24 said...

What a great list! I adore getting flowers, even if I buy them for myself. lol My dh won't let me rearrange the furniture-he likes it just the way it is thank you very much! roflol

Karyn said...

The flowers are not only lovely, they are a beautiful, thoughtful gift. You have a special aunt who obviously loves you.

I love getting a phone call from someone I've not heard from in a long time! Much better than email or facebook, for sure.

Worshipping with your grown children ..... a perfect way to start the week!

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

I love those unexpected flowers and unexpected calls from friends!

Sundays with your bunch sound like so much fun.

Have a great week ahead!

Ashley said...

What a fun exercise - listing five things that bring a smile to your life. I think the flowers would definitely have been the highlight of my week!

Carolyn said...

What a nice aunty !!
I have got a rotten headcold today and am feeling really ordinary and I know exactly what you mean, an old friend rang to say hi and have a chat- it was soooo nice, they didn't want anything from me or me to DO anything they just wanted to catch up- & I had just made a hot cup so it was so perfect timing!!
A big hug that brightened my flu-y day :)

Jaeyde said...

sounds like a delightful week! especially for feeling sickly. gotta love the surprise flowers :)