Saturday, August 21, 2010

Saturday Stumbles #26


It’s looking like today will be one of those few and far between glorious lazy days. The temperature is still over 100 each day so we’re doing more inside than out – and that’s fine by me! :)

- I’ve always been a big fan of Rice Krispie Treats and still make them every so often. Now Robin at Keep Home Simple shows us how to take it to the next level for the kids – Trix on Sticks! I am so going to make these for Brooklyn next time she comes over – it just kind of seems like a grandma thing to me.

- I’ve talked about all the room rearranging we’re doing and part of that is repurposing furniture or making trips to the thrift store to find things to fill in the rooms. Then I saw that Kara at Creations by Kara has posted a tutorial on DIY Furniture Refinishing-Spray Paint Style and am in love. In the past I would never have even considered doing this, but seriously, when you can get small furniture for next to nothing at thrift shops and garage sales you really have nothing to lose by trying.

- We hear all over the news that it takes many lifetimes for a single plastic bag to decompose (I was going to find a link, but can’t find a clear cut answer to this) so I love to find alternative uses for these bags. How about turning the bags into “yarn” and knitting or crocheting sturdier shopping bags out of them? Even tossing aside the green angle – these would make great waterproof bags for taking to the lake or pool.

- My love of pinto beans has been talked about, so when I saw that The Other Side of 50 shows how to make pinto beans, and then refried beans, in the crockpot I was all over it. I’m sure these would be so much healthier than the canned version we currently use.

- And of course, something sweet. I’m thinking of making this Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie from Linda’s Lunacy to take to work one day this week. Good thing my co-workers love to help me eat this stuff or I’d have an even bigger weight problem! :)

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Debby said...

My grandmother was way ahead of her time. I was just sharing with a lady today that she would take bread wrappers, specifically Franz bread, and cut them into strips and crochet them into rugs. They would even go in the washing machine. I didn't know it at the time, but in looking back my grandmother was very frugal and that most likely stems from raising a family during the depression but at the time her frugal ways were just what Granny did. Mayonnaise for salad dressing, boiled beans every week (which we asked to have) and other things. I miss her of late.

Mags @ the Other Side of 50 said...

Thanks for including my beans in your Saturday Stumbles!

Bec said...

mmmm Chocolate chip cookie pie... sounds divine!! xx thanks for sharing!! xx

Nashville TV Show said...

Ok, first - the plastic bag ... amazing!!! And the furniture makes me jealous - it looks so good, hard to believe it's the same piece!!

Thanks for sharing & linking up:)