Monday, September 24, 2007

Monday Musings

WHEW - we've just come off a very busy week and weekend. I got a call from mom Tuesday afternoon that they (my cousin and mom) were waiting with my grandmother for an ambulance to come! Grandma had been walking out to the car and fell and knew then that something had happened. It turned out that she broke her hip and her wrist in the fall. So Wednesday morning my cousin Michele and I headed up to OKC to be there for grandma's hip surgery. She did great and is now on the rehab floor - Praise Jesus!

It's funny too how much we enjoyed the trip. Just like when my cousin Danette and I headed to Ft. Smith (and kept calling ourselves Thelma and Louise!), it really is possible to find the joy even in an unpleasant situation. Michele and I never get to spend time alone and this trip gave us that opportunity. I don't think there was a quiet moment at any time during the trip! Good times.
Saturday morning I planned my first brunch in this house....where I have lived for 12 years! I used to entertain so much when we lived in Oklahoma and it has just never happened here. Through God's Grace my health is MUCH improved now from when we first moved in, so maybe that's the reason. Regardless, I think I just didn't realize just how much I missed having friends over. I made a breakfast casserole, Snickerdoodle Muffins, fruit, and Peach Tea. The funny thing is that I wasn't nervous or anything. I really think there is something about having dear friends over that you just know it's all good.

After we ate off we went to a bead show at a nearby convention center. My word, I just couldn't believe it! Obviously I'd never been to one before and I can see how this could be a very dangerous hobby - financially! There were such beautiful things everywhere you look. I especially fell in love with lampwork beads, but the price was very high. Then I came upon a booth where a woman had some photos of herself making the beads and explained the process to me. At that point I realized that these beads really were worth the high price, though it was not something I could afford. My ever enabling friends were telling me that I could learn to make them myself, but since the process involved open flames I decided it would probably be best for me to just leave this hobby well enough alone - LOL!
One of my friends mentioned an area in Dallas where we could get some of the things we'd seen at a greatly reduced price, so off we went. That store wasn't open to us, so we walked to the end of the little strip mall and went in to a different store. Oh what a grand time we had! This store had a wall of sunglasses for only $3.99! This happens to be something I really enjoy, so I ended up with a couple of pairs. One pair is totally for fun, the next a little less "loud" and then one very normal pair. We stood and took pictures for a while, laughing the entire time. Who knew that sunglass shopping could be so much fun?

Saturday afternoon Mom, Gary and Michele arrived in town from OKC and of course we went over to see Brooklyn. Well, after a stop at Boston Market for lunch since they don't have that restaurant in OKC! We were lucky enough to get over to their house just in time to visit with Brad (Keith's brother) and Rhonda for a bit before they had to leave to head back to their home.

I love this picture of Loni holding Brooklyn. James and Loni had gotten an above ground pool set up on Friday, so we all got to see Brooklyn's first dip in the pool! She has on a Nemo Little Swimmer and didn't really spend a long time swimming. But she did look quite darling.

And after little girls swim they need to have a bottle. And after a bottle little girls really seem to need a nap! I love this picture of my mom holding Brooklyn. Sweet baby girl just got so tired. Looking at that picture makes me want to kiss her neck again. :)

I think she just had had so much fun entertaining us all afternoon that she finally just passed out. She's gotten to the age where she likes to coo and goo and try to form words. It is so precious.
Sunday we didn't do much at all, partly because of the picture. We've been doing quite a bit of geocaching in the evenings and at some point Keith got into some poison ivy again. He happens to be insanely allergic to it, so on Friday when his face and neck started swelling up we knew what it must be. We're not sure exactly when he was exposed, but the picture shows one of the many times we were deep into the flora and seeing this shows us that we really aren't too surprised that it happened.

So while Keith lay around dozing and watching sports, I sat watching the last few episodes of Heroes in preparation for tonight's season premiere! I was so excited when my daughter bought the Season One dvd set so that I could finish watching the series - LOL! It's rare that I sit and watch tv and for me to sit as many hours as I did yesterday was rather decadent. I sat and watched tv and worked on the candy corn sock I've been knitting. What an utterly relaxing day.
One's friends are that part of the human race with which one can be human. - George Santayana
When you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses. - Joyce Brothers


Anonymous said...

Look at the baby!! She is so sweet!! Your Saturday sounds fun. Poor Keith and the poison ivy. Tip: keep alcohol and soap and water with you. As soon as you suspect PI exposure, cleanse the area with alcohol thoroughly and then soap and water and then alcohol again. The alcohol is supposed to get rid of the oil that causes the breakouts. This is something I am putting in my camping box. I used it on DS2 a few weeks ago and it worked!

Unknown said...

You are a blessed family. How many babies have a great-great-grandma!
Hope you get a picture for her scrapbook.

Anonymous said...

I must have the cassorole recipe exactly like you made it. It was wonderful and I know my DH would love to try it. Glad you posted the Muffins too. YUM! YUM!

Knitting Rose said...

I haven't entertained in ages either! How I miss it.
It can so much fun to have friends over.
I love Brooklyn - she is beautiful and you can tell she is very loved.