Sunday, September 16, 2007

Let's Go To Monaville, TX!

Keith and I just got back from a little weekend getaway. The town of Monaville, Texas hosted a Big Bird (Scale) Fly-In and since this happens to be one of Keith's hobbies we headed south. We went as spectators this trip, so no airplanes accompanied us.

The setting was beautiful and quiet and the weather couldn't have been better. I really enjoy watching these planes fly and we were quite impressed with just how big these were. Keith's planes are not nearly this size - note that it took 4 adult men to carry this plane.

Of course, not all flights end as planned. Luckily this was the only victim while we were there. (please note, no pilots were harmed in this crash...)

This plane was quite a crowd pleaser and happened to be one of my favorites - Snoopy and his Red Baron! It looked so funny flying through the air and when it landed the crowd clapped in glee. I think this was the favorite of the children in the crowd.

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