Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Geocaching Find

After dinner last night we headed out for more finds. The first one we thought was beyond easy, but when I went to log it online I noticed that others had some trouble with the clues. Let's just say, so as not to give too much away, that sometimes being a big fan of 80's music is a GOOD thing and will pay off later in life!
The second find brought us to a pretty area with one of the biggest trees I think I've ever seen. As we were wandering around with our gazes securely fastened on the gps a creature jumped out at us! He really about scared the beejeebers out of me....until I saw what it was - LOL! After that I had to go on a quick tangent and chase this toad around to get his picture. At that point I'm not sure which one of us ended up being more scared of the other! Mr. Toad did NOT see this as a Kodak moment. ;)
When I stood up after victoriously snapping this picture I see Keith standing there looking at me like I was a loon. Really though he must surely be used to this sort of thing from me. Course here we were out in front of absolutely everybody and I'm doing this bizarre scrunched over walking thing with a camera plastered to my forehead chasing after a toad. Surely that isn't so strange???

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Anonymous said...

I've been wanting to try geocaching. It sounds like so much fun. Haven't bought a GPS unit yet though.

You do very lovely knitting work!