Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Fire Danger in Dallas

This is what drought looks like at the park by my house. We have had so many fires all around the area and the smoke plumes are even showing up on the weather radar now.

Joe and I went to the park as soon as I got home yesterday and if anything he kicked up his heels more than usual. Of course, the high yesterday broke records at 84 degrees, so he was loving it!

On the crafting front, I had planned to knit the ribbing of the sweater last night and then go in and do some scrapbooking. But it was one of those nights where I kept screwing up the knitting and having to rip and start over, then I got into the Law and Order show, so all I ended up doing was about half the sweater ribbing. Then starting today my hours are back to normal, so no more going in early and getting off early. The bright side of this is that I am really a morning person, so I got up at my usual time and was ready quite early. That gave me time to eat breakfast at home and make my lunch, which will help me to stay more healthy. Plus I had time to relax and knit a bit before coming to work. Really, except for the traffic I like the new hours.

And who would have ever thought that me on a motorcycle would produce so many comments! LOL!

~ Elizabeth

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Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry you all are still having this problem. I grew up in Ft. Worth and we had this in the summer, but I don't ever recall wildfires in January! Are weather here in Houston is warm, but as usual, very humid.