Monday, January 23, 2006


Yesterday was an all day, soaker type of rain. They reported this morning that the area got between 1-2 inches on average, so a big hallelujah! Of course, being the newscasters that they are and having to put a negative spin on everything, they kept lamenting that it wasn't nearly enough rain to end the drought. I'm sure they are correct, but I still think it was cause for rejoicing!

This darling raggedy brings a smile to my face every time I pass her, so I figured I better put her up for all to smile at. She was hand made for me for Christmas by a very dear friend and I just love her. I need to get another picture of the whole group so that all can see how well she fits in with the others. I have an antique sewing machine in my entry way and it has a doily with other raggedys on it, so just perfect! She also has a touch of cinnamon scent, so that makes her even better.

This weekend was so wonderful in so many ways. It's the first weekend that I didn't really have plans for quite some time. Keith left very early Saturday morning to go with a friend to his church where there was a very large men's prayer breakfast, then a small group of them went on a motorcycle ride for a good part of the day. He had a great time and he thinks it will be a monthly event, which is something he can look forward to.

I, however, slept in gloriously on Saturday morning! Haven't done that in so long. When we got up Lynne' and I made some plans and ended up having a great mother/daughter day together. We headed out to Woolie Ewe so that I could get some size 1 dpn's to start a new sock pattern, but alas there was not a size 1 in the store (who knew there would be a run on them???). While looking at the sock yarns though Sue, the owner, came over and told me and another lady that they'd just received a shipment of brand new sock yarn and we helped her unpack them. WOW - fabulous yarn! It's 100% wool and called Melody by Jojoland, which I've never heard of before. Best of all, it was only $6.50 a ball! Lynne' and I picked out a darker pastel color and I also bought a new sock pattern by Mountain Colors yarn (Peaks & Valleys Socks), which I cast on last night.

We then had lunch at Scotty P's, which is truly the best hamburger place around, then headed across the street to Scrap Bucket. Unbelievably, I bought nothing there at all! I'm sure it's because I've been up to Whitesboro so much lately, but nothing there really called my name. Our next stop was two doors down from there at Carriage House Quilting, where I bought two foundation pieced wall hanging kits.

Next up was heading to James and Loni's apartment, where we picked them up and went to two open houses, which was Phase I of house hunting for them. The houses were not what they were looking for, but I was ready to pack and move in!

Then Lynne' and I headed to Quilt Country so that she could get some fabric to begin her Japanese quilt. Oh my word that place is like sensory overload! She found lots that she wanted and when we went to the cutting table we were greeted by 3 of the gals I used to be in Quilt Bee with! I knew that one of them worked there as I run into her every so often, but the other two were a very pleasant surprise. They were so helpful in helping Lynne' get what she needed.

That night we watched Mr and Mrs Smith and I cast on a dishcloth in Rosewood color by Sugar n Cream. Call it what you will, but to me it looked exactly like Neopolitan ice cream! I really love pinks and browns, so this was great. I did the Grandmother's Favorite pattern and finished it yesterday. Note to self: take a picture of this at lunch time!

Yesterday was an all family day. : ) All five of us went house hunting and visited some new homes and existing homes. I think quite a bit was learned by all of us and most of all it was just so good to spend the time together.

And last night Keith, Lynne' and I watched Cheaper by the Dozen and it was a really cute movie - much better than the previews made it seem. And that's when I got the next sock started!

But a couple of personal things that I'm proudest about this weekend - I didn't get on the computer AT ALL and I walked the treadmill each day! Amazing feats these are! Of course I have a bunch of email to answer today, but I'm trying so hard to stop being on the computer so much on the evenings and weekends and maybe do some of the things I enjoy rather than just reading about them on the internet!

~ Elizabeth

This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it! Psalm 118:23-25

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Anonymous said...

A kindred spirit! I have a thing about Raggedy's too! Not sure what it is...but I love them. I don't think I had one as a child so I blame my mother for the collection I have now. :-)