Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Thank You Denise Austin!

WHEW - the last few days I've felt like a gerbil running on a wheel and for really no reason whatsoever! Hopefully that has passed and I can get my head on straight again. We did get the house clean, all except the office and hobby room - but then I fear those rooms will never really be organized into what we want them to be.

Last night was Day 2 of my Pilates DVD again. I did it for a couple of months about this time last year until my stomach starting hurting too much for the moves. Then I gave myself time to heal after the surgery, then the holidays hit and now I figure I better start again quick before I come up with another excuse! Anyway, I really do enjoy it and feel better when I do it. Last night was hilarious though because Joe thoroughly enjoys pilates! Every time I'd lean down for a toe touch he'd try to lick me. And when it came time for floor exercises he was dancing all around me. The funniest part is that when the DVD was over he was breathing harder than I was! I guess pilates is a good workout for golden retrievers as well. : )

~ Elizabeth
I will praise God's name in song and glorify Him with thanksgiving. Psalm 70:30

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Anonymous said...

Poor Joey..........