Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Craft Shopping

Well I didn't make it very long at all without going craft supply shopping! But there was a 50% coupon in the Michael's ad and what's a woman to do??? Headed out with a friend yesterday and did have fun. I got the knitting needles I've been needing, some lined baskets for the bathroom and then saw some cute Christmas ribbon on sale for only .29 each! I did manage to get my desk and crop table cleaned off last night and hopefully will actually use it this week.

One of the online knitting groups I play with is doing a Child's Heirloom Aran Pullover Knitalong and I got most of my swatch done last night and will probably get it finished during lunch today. Assuming I get guage I'll start the sweater tonight before bed. I'm doing mine in a baby pink, which probably isn't a traditional color for an aran sweater, but I like pink and think it will be fun to knit on.

~ Elizabeth

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