Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Superman Joe

I had to chuckle when I looked at this picture this morning. When I took the picture last night I didn't realize that it's folded into the shape of the Superman logo! Hmmm..... I also didn't realize how badly this yarn pooled until I looked at the picture. This is the Sugar n Cream Rosewood yarn that reminds me of neopolitan ice cream. I still really like it, in spite of the pooling, since I am enamored of pink and brown together.

I did have to frog the newest sock last night because somehow or another I got it all messed up and I was still just on the ribbing! That's ok, I'll cast on again tonight and start over. Knitting is the only hobby I've ever had where the process is just as good for me as the finished project - thankfully!

This morning I dropped Joe off at the vet so that we could try again to get his teeth cleaned. Last time there was a conflict with his seizure meds, so this time we are hopefully good to go. He looked like Godzilla when we were all filling out paperwork because the other dogs there were tiny. One was a teacup poodle and the other a chihuahua that weighed in at 3.1 pounds! I did think the "mom" of that dog was insane though. She was holding her dog and leaned down to show her dog to Joe - right in his face. Now, Joe is a very mellow dog, but he weighs 90 pounds and she doesn't know he's kind. He's also sitting in a stressful situation and I swear she looked like she was serving her dog to him as an appetizer! Crazy lady. Of course nothing happened, other than Joe wagging his tale, but still!

~ Elizabeth

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Shelley L. MacKenzie said...

The first thing I noticed as the page loaded up was that the dishcloth looked like the superman logo! I thought that maybe you just hadn't finished it yet but wanted to get a picture up. It looks good though, even with the pooling. I haven't tried the Sugar n Cream cotton yet...almost got some today though, but didn't. One day I will though.