Friday, January 20, 2006

More Socks and Penguins!

Took my socks on their first test drive last night! I felt crummy at work yesterday, so left early and came home and fell into bed for a nice nap. I think with the non-winter we're having in Texas all the allergies are hitting a lot earlier than they normally do. Keith woke me up at dinner time and we went out for a quick taco, so I slipped my socks and clogs on and off we went! Either they are very comfortable or I am still in awe over having made them because they were great! For just regular, everyday socks I would definitely use this pattern again because it fits well.

The picture is one that I took Wednesday night when I first tried on the socks. Poor Joe was not nearly as impressed with the socks as I was and he kept trying to get me to play with him and the penguin instead. :)

And on a deeper note - I really love working with the self patterning yarn. I enjoyed watching the colors change and the patterns develop as you just knit. I would like to take this moment to praise our Gracious God for giving us such beauty in our lives. How pleased He must be to see us having fun with His creations!

~ Elizabeth

Our God is an awesome God!

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Shelley L. MacKenzie said...

So glad your socks were nice and comfy. I like the self patterning yarns too, though I've yet to use them...course I haven't seen them where I get my yarn yet...I'm sure they've had them, just not when I get there lol. Course, when I did see it (now that I think of it), it was when I wasn't knitting socks and now that I am, I can't seem to locate any lol...go figure!

Hope you're feeling better soon!