Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year!

I'm sitting here this morning in a quiet, still house. The "boys" (aka Joe and Meeko - the dog and the cat!) let me sleep in a bit before waking me for their breakfast. They are now sound asleep, having received their due. I'm relaxing with cup of coffee number one (CoffeeMate, I had a hard time forgiving you when you took away my Pumpkin Spice and Gingerbread creamer, but now that you've given me Vanilla Caramel and Creme Brulee I'm feeling a little happier again!). My senses are very happy this morning: the coffee tastes wonderful; the Christmas tree lights (which will come down this afternoon) look beautiful - I just cannot get enough of those beautiful lights!; the tabletop water fountain sounds so peaceful with the water flowing over the rocks; the cool breeze from the window feels so refreshing; the burning candle votive smells divine. May we never lose our sense of wonder and appreciation for the small, everyday things around us. There is much to be thankful for if we just open our eyes to it all.

And now 2006 waits patiently in front of us - ready to be filled with things and people we love. While I don't do a formal list of resolutions, I do face each New Year with a sense of anticipation. I am so blessed to have a wonderful family that I truly love and this last year has shown me how important friends are as well. May we never take any of the important people in our lives for granted and cherish them each day.

Upcoming years can also give us a chance to make changes in our lives. What about my life would I change? When worded that way I would have to say very little. I am so happy and so blessed that to want changes would mean that I don't like things the way they are. And yet, to change is to grow. I think I mostly would like to be more awake and ALIVE this year and not take anything for granted. I will sleep when I need to and when I'm awake I will fill myself with JOY! I will do everything within my power to keep my health where it needs to be. I will start attending the women's group at church and enjoy fellowship with christian women and LEARN more about our wonderful God. I will ENTERTAIN more this year and open my home to others. I will go outside my comfort zone on being away from family and attend the two upcoming retreats with my friends. I will CREATE with my crafts and explore my inner artist.

And yet, if life happens again this year and none of these things are able to occur, I will not chastise myself. I will ACCEPT what happens with grace and keep my eyes focused FORWARD.

May 2006 be the year that we all want it to be!

~ Elizabeth

Let there be peace on Earth, And let it begin with me!!!


Cherryl said...

I really enjoy catching up with you via your blog. Enjoy your day!

Love ya,


~**Dawn**~ said...

happy 2006! =)