Friday, January 02, 2009

Vanilla Retreat Cupcakes

I still haven't decided on what my 2009 Bible verse will be, but I know that one thing I want to do more of is sharing my hobbies with friends and family.  So on that note I present to you the Vanilla Retreat Cupcakes, so named because I will be leaving shortly to join some friends at a weekend retreat!
I used a vanilla cupcake recipe I found here and haven't had the opportunity to try before now and a standard vanilla buttercream frosting.  Hopefully I'll get some honest feedback from my friends so I know whether the recipe is a keeper or not.  Course, I did set two aside so that Keith could have a few.
And this is the cupcake carrier that James and Loni got me for Christmas.  The retreat cupcakes made 24...and can you see the two unfilled holes for the cupcakes I set aside for Keith?  The carrier has another layer so it will hold up to 36 cupcakes.  This is about the coolest thing I've seen in a long time.
It's not often that a golden retriever can look like a shar pei, but this tired old dog was worn out on New Year's Eve.  We went to bed at 10:30 (I'm sure y'all have surmised by this blog what party animals we are and now you can verify it!), but apparently that was too late for some dogs.  He fell asleep under the lights of the Christmas tree and I think he was happy as a clam over it.
"When just being together is more important than what you do, you are with a friend." - Unknown


MSM said...

I love your new cupcake holder! This is something we really really need, but haven't seen one AND wouldn't have any place to store it if we got one.... :(

cinnamongirl93 said...

Mmmm, Cupcakes! They look really yummy. The holder is cool too. My daughter got me the cutest book for Christmas all on the adorable cupcake.
I hope your retreat was wonderful!

JeanieBeanie said...

All I have to say is UMMMMM!!!! UMMMMMM!!!! and glad I was one of the retreat girls and got to taste these yummy cupcakes FINALLY!!! I am really mad at myself for not eating more before they left the building.