Monday, January 19, 2009

Dinner With The Kiddos

I have an entire week of things to catch up on, but first is dinner tonight.  We barely got back to town this afternoon when we decided to meet all the kids for dinner.  Had such a nice time!  On the way in the restaurant I was carrying B and she saw the bank of candy/junk toy machines.  She pointed and said "ball" so of course I took that to mean "please grandmother, I would like to have a ball to play with during dinner" and Keith and I got one for her.  It turned out to be pretty cool too as you can sort of see by the glowing bluish dot on her chest.  It was a weird plasticy thing with lots of "legs" and when she would hit it on the table there were flashing lights inside.  Tons of fun!

When Aunt Lynne' arrived (straight from getting her hair cut and highlighted and it looks so awesome!) Miss B moved into the booth between grandma and grandpa.  At that point the booth seat became an amusement park and she would slide down the back of the booth and sit down over and over (there was nobody behind us, please don't judge).  Anytime you slide on vinyl there is lots of static hair involved and anybody that's read this blog much at all knows how much I get a kick out of her static hair.  I only had my phone camera so wasn't able to get it in all its glory, but you can still tell from the photo above.

I really, really love my kids.  And this baby (almost a toddler - she was 18 months old yesterday!) brings so very much joy to my life.

Be joyful always - 1Thessalonians 5:16


Debby said...

You sound like me when I talk about my grandchildren! They bring so much joy and just plain FUN! I love reading about your perceptions of B because I can relate! Three of mine were 18 months last Sunday so they are close to Miss B.

Toni said...

Sounds like you had a great time, so did Miss B - gotta love that hair!