Saturday, January 24, 2009

Brooklyn At The RV Show

Today we had a lot of fun - we went to the rv show!  Even better than that, we stopped and picked up Miss B first so she could go with us.  You might be thinking that rv shows aren't that much fun for an 18 month old, but I'm here to tell you you'd be wrong.  The highlight of every rv we entered seemed to be the bathroom.  I'm not sure why a person still in diapers had to check out every bathroom, but she did.  First thing.  Straight to the bathroom door and she'd usually have to have some help to get it open.  She'd stand there and look, then with a satisfied look on her face she'd shut the door.

And the fun didn't stop there.  I learned today that stomping across an rv floor is tons of fun when you're 18 months old.  It makes a nice hollow sound that makes a girl giggle.

The beds were fun to get on as well.  All the mattresses were covered in a thick plastic, then the comforter thrown over the top.  This meant that when you sit on the bed or walk across it it makes a fabulous crinkle sound.

Most of the really big rv's had tv's on with a cartoon playing.  At one point we were in a half million dollar bus that had Little Mermaid playing and I was half tempted to just sit in the soft leather recliner (that leather was as soft as buttah!) with a B on my lap and just watch the movie!

Not sure how well it shows, but B had a darling little ponytail today.  But it was cold outside and by the time we got inside the convention center and took her hat off we lost some of the cute hair-do.  And then after some wallowing around on rv beds we lost a little more.  But it was cute enough that while walking down one of the many aisles of rv's I overheard a lady on her cell phone telling somebody about the darling little girl with the itty bitty ponytail.

One of her absolute favorite parts of the rv show was the many, many piles of balloons.  When we were ready to leave she had to touch and punch each and every one that we passed.  We even had one of the show officials come up and help point out more balloons!

We had such a good afternoon with her and I'm so glad the kids didn't mind us coming to pick her up.  Really it doesn't matter what we do - when we do it with Miss B we are certain to have a great time!

Very good times.....

"In the beginning it was fun. In the end, it was all for fun. And in between is where it tickles most." - Unknown


Debby said...

That does sound like fun. And you are so right...doesn't matter what you do, they'll make it fun!

Stephanie said...

My little guy loves balloons too. He will sit and look at them for minutes (minutes happens to be a really long time when you are 3 months old, lol).

Wool Winder said...

I always enjoy reading about the joyful times you spend with Brooklyn.