Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Monthly Dishcloth KAL and Brooklyn's Hat

Winter has shown up in North Texas.  I started to call it a winter wonderland, but to me that implies huge fluffy snowflakes and a Norman Rockwell type of setting.  Instead we got ice and school closings. 

I used to think I'd really like living "up north" where hot flashes would help keep me warm.  But this week I've become somewhat of a troll and have not left my house since Sunday...literally.  Even the mailbox, all of perhaps 30 feet down the sidewalk, is just too far to walk when it's this cold.  The closest I've gotten to being outside is when I open the backdoor to let Joe out to do his bizness.

Tomorrow it's supposed to be back in the 50's again, so my little world will thaw out again.  And maybe Joe and I will take a walk outside instead of him watching me on the treadmill.

In the meantime, here's some knitting to share.  As I got the dishcloths out to do the photo shoot I saw that I had inadvertantly used two colors that go quite nicely together.  The solid aqua cloth is the first one we did in January and the ice skate seems very fitting today.  The varigated cloth is the mid-month pattern and I really like the pattern

Both of these use the I Love This Cotton yarn from Hobby Lobby.  It's the first time I've actually knit with this yarn and I really loved it.  It's much softer than the Sugar n Creme that I usually use and seems to have more give to it.  This equates to less hand and finger fatigue while knitting.  It costs a bit more at $2.99 a skein when not on sale, but they do have the 40% off coupons so I feel like I can indulge.

I'm showing these pictures of Brooklyn's new hat...even though I didn't knit it for her.  One of the girls at work knit it and since the time I taught her to knit she has taken to it like a duck to water.  She's also been dubbed the hat queen because she has knit so many hats and rarely uses a pattern.

It doesn't show up very well, but this hat kind of has a slouch to it and is just darling.  And I still can't get over seeing Miss B walking around like this.

Now it's time to find my flannel jammies, turn on the electric blanket and grab a cup of hot tea!

"The little things are infinitely the most important" - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle


Wool Winder said...

Look at that cute hat! I bet she got some good use out of it with this cold snap. One good thing about cold weather in Texas: it never lasts long.

Katidids said...

I think we are in the same cloth group!

Anonymous said...

R U kidding ice skate pattern??? I need to learn to knit and you need to show me how to make the ice skate. It would be so cool for me to make Liz a towel or scarf or ANYTHING with that on it.

We will talk more about it Friday night.

LOVE you,