Thursday, January 22, 2009

Love You Much Cards

As soon as projects using the Love You Much bundle started hitting the interwebs I knew I wanted the set.  There's just something about those whimsical hearts and great paper that really struck my fancy.  This card was one that we made in stamp club a bit ago and I love everything about it (get, especially the pink and brown color combo.
Project #2 also uses the Love You Much bundle and it is just darling.  The glitter on the front is just the right amount of bling.
Open it up and see the Kit Kat valentine candy bar!  The magnets keep the cover closed - a nice touch.
I will admit though that it took me quite a little bit of time to make this so I'm not certain that I could do this as a project for say everybody at work.  Not that they don't deserve it or anything like that, but as slow as I am I'd have to start working in September to be ready for Valentine's Day!  I do love the project though and probably after doing the first couple the speed would pick up. 
I had big plans to make some valentines this evening after dinner.  But K and I went out to eat and had such a beautiful, relaxing time.  We talked and laughed and it was so good.  After we got home I sat on the couch and relaxed myself right into a cat nap!  I came in to straighten up my desk and now I think I'm about ready for bed.
Ah the exciting life of this grandma!  And I wouldn't change it for the world.  :)

Consciousness - that annoying time between naps. - Unknown


Debby said...

I love looking at your cards. So glad you post them. Too cute!

Lorie said...

Those cards are adorable!