Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Weekend Recap

Why yes, we HAVE had a lot of rain recently. So much in fact that we have sprouted our own crop of mushrooms in the backyard. Part of me just can't help but be a little proud of our new "garden" since I am so awful about keeping plants alive.

With the rain came the cancellation of plans we had made for the long weekend. We decided to make the best of it though and yesterday was a "spa" day for myself - all done at home. First I colored my hair since I have had that attractive stripe down the middle of my roots for quite some time. After I dried my hair and saw that it was a little darker than before, I headed to Lynne's room to get her opinion. Her reaction was a "whoa". Reaction duly noted. The last time I got my hair colored I thought it was too light, but this one is a tad dark. Surely there is an in between shade. I will admit though that this seems like it is pretty close to what my natural color must be because it matches my eyebrows. I'm hoping that seeing it in the mirror for a few days will get me used to it and I'll start liking it.

Next was the pedicure. Not sure what happened there, but when I walked to the cabinet to get polish after starting the work on my toes I noticed I was leaving little bloody toeprints behind. ~ sigh ~ OK, stop the bleeding, then notice that my toe hurts and decide not to add polish to the mix. Note to self - no sandals to work on Tuesday. ;)

Yesterday morning we saw the much anticipated Pirates 3. Thoroughly enjoyed it, but I really think there was not enough Captain Jack in this one. His fey character makes the movie in my opinion. And I hope that this really is the end of the movies - it just seems like it's time.

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