Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Tales From The Scales

OK, today is weigh in and I lost one whopping pound. I know I should be happier about that than what I am, but it really kind of bums me out.

The plus side is that I've kept up with my walking and I'm up to 58 miles since April 1st! And last night Keith and I took Joe for a walk again and I just love doing that. We talked and talked and talked. Made me feel like those grandma and grandpa couples that just always love each other......then I remembered that we almost ARE grandma and grandpa! :)

I've also gotten back on track drinking my water. I did so good with this for so long and somehow let it slide. I know that getting back in this habit will also really help.

(The picture of Joe has nothing at all to do with this post, but since I prefer to do posts with pictures I just pulled out a Joe picture. The pretty tile is in James and Loni's kitchen.)

And I started back using SparkPeople again yesterday. I know I blogged about it long ago, but as a reminder this site allows you to track all the food you eat and exercise you do. Every time I've lost any decent amount of weight I've used this site as it helps you see what you really eat. It's easy to fool yourself into thinking you didn't eat much when you rely on memory. When you type it in and see what it converts to as calories and all the different grams there is really no arguing.

I also think I've finally decided what to do with Lynne's room through all of this. I think we might move the treadmill in there. This morning I had thought about walking, but I didn't want to wake Keith up. In the other room I should be able to walk without bothering him. The down side to that is that Joe won't get any exercise that way. But maybe with a little thought and training I could teach him to walk on the treadmill ala The Jetsons!


Sugar Britches Knits! said...

Congrats! a pound is a pound! It's better than the alternative! Plus with the walking you may have added a little muscle...just a thought! The real question though is how do you feel?

Keep up the good work!

Required field must not be blank said...

Congratulations, Elizabeth. One pound is a great start, just like the first step towards anything! You are right about logging at SparkPeople, or Fitday (the site that I use). It really helps to be aware. On with week two! - Jenny

Miss Knotty said...

Way to go!! Every journey starts with a step. You are such an encouragement! :)

-Miss Knotty

Hee - my verification word is axbut. that made me giggle. I'm so crass sometimes.

tarcher said...

That's great Liz! I am an old (fallen off the wagon) Weight Watcher and that's a good loss. Being the health and wellness dirctor at my hospital I am ashamed of myself for my weight. You are inspiring me to get back to my own goals. And being a grandparent (Mimi) is the most fanstastic thing I've ever experienced. You have so much to look forward to. I was with mine for his birth and a week after. Then we were there last weekend for Mother's Day. He's 3 1/2 weeks old. He was looking at me like "and just where have you been for the last 2 weeks Mimi". I get choked up when I think of him so far away and not being able to see him daily. I don't get to retire for 2 more years and be able to move closer. But by then he'll be 2 and really know who I am. LOL. I can't wait.


Denise said...

You are doing great sweet one, hang in there.