Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Stamping Fellas

The Stamping Bella folks have come out with a line of "fellas" for their "bellas". I love all these stamps and when I saw the fellas it first made me think of Ken for Barbie. I never had a Ken growing up because my Barbie dated my brother's Johnny Quest (a cowboy) and GI Joe (an army dude). Since she had enough trouble trying to decide between these two I was kind of glad that Ken never showed up in his flashy car to give her a run for her money.

But then the next thing that came to mind when reading about the fellas was my cousin and aunt. Last fall when my cousin and I set off on our Thelma and Louise adventure to Arkansas we really did have some fabulous times in spite of the reason we were there. One such moment was late one night out in the driveway. We had loaded up some things in the back of my cousin's truck and it was starting to rain. My uncle got a tarp for us and we were diligently getting everything covered. She handed me a rope, all coiled up and ready to use. I was instructed to hold on to the end and toss the big part over to the other side of the truck so we could get the tarp tied down. So I did. And that puppy just sailed on over to the other side, while I stood there holding a very short length of rope. Guess somebody had used the rope and wound that little part back on. So the three of us - me, my cousin and my aunt - stood there watching that thing take off into the sky while I held a piece of rope. My aunt very calmly said "If you two ever go camping you better bring along a fella." This sent us into gales of laughter.

I'm thinking I need to buy a "fella" so that I can make a card for my cousin and aunt, two of my absolute favorite people in the world. :)

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