Saturday, May 05, 2007

Arlington Quilt Show

Today I met a friend - and one of her friends - at the Arlington Quilt Show. The show was a smaller one (though once you go to the Houston Quilt Show I suppose they all look smaller!), but there was no shortage of beautiful quilts. This particular quilt was one of my favorites, especially the quilting.

After looking at all the quilts and visiting the vendor area, you really can't help but be motivated and ready to sew. And I was pretty good in the vendor area - I only bought one pattern! It was for Comfort of Psalms and contained the pattern and fat quarter of printed sayings. This wall hanging really appeals to me and I'd love to get it made and hanging in my entryway.

I also saw a "jelly roll" in one of the vendor booths for the first time. Mom had just been telling me about these and how cool the concept was, so I was able to recognize it when I saw it. Absolutely beautiful, but the problem I see is that since it is so pretty I wouldn't want to pull it apart! It really is pretty enough to just set on a shelf the way it is. :)

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Julie in Texas said...


I would love to see your Comfort of Psalms when you get it done. I purchased fat quarters of the Psalms at the Dallas show and haven't done anything with them yet.