Thursday, November 02, 2006

Pluggin' Along

Well there still is not a lot of typing or crafting or cleaning house or really much of anything right now and won't be for awhile. My shoulder is just really hurting quite a bit and it's hard to do things with only one arm. The good news though is that the surgery is scheduled in one week - woohoo! Sounds silly to be happy, but at least once the surgery is done the healing can begin and I can get my life back again. And I need to be fully healed before next summer's extreme sports begin again. ;)

In the meantime I did get a new cross stitch sampler started, though with the time change and lack of sunlight when I get home I haven't gotten a picture of it yet. It's actually a very simple piece by Shepherd's Bush that says Home Is Where You Are. Loved the colors in the kit and since one of our family mottos is "Wherever you go, there you are", well this just seemed to be a good fit.

And my fellow knitting friends have been keeping me busy sending links to some wonderful yarns, so I've been busy shopping for when I'm able to knit again. It's good to have friends. :)

~ Elizabeth

"There is always something you have to walk away from when you are walking toward the better thing." Joyce Meyer (with apologies if I got her quote a little bit off!)


Anonymous said...

Cross stitching - OMG - this is what it has come to??? We sure miss you in the knitting world, but I am confident you are in yarn acquisition mode and will be good to go soon.

Enid said...