Monday, November 06, 2006

Nascar Weekend

What an awesome weekend we just had! One of the things Keith and I love to do most in the world is go to the Nascar race and this weekend did not let us down. Because of traffic woes in the past, this year we went over to James and Loni's house Saturday afternoon for a slumber party. Had a great time with them and my precious grandpuppy. :)

Early Sunday morning we got on the road to Texas Motor Speedway. On the way a friend called and was already at the track. I of course had to give her a hard time and tell her that MY driver would beat HER driver in the race. Alas, her driver won and I did call later to congratulate her.....and eat a little bit of crow!

One of the best parts of this sort of thing is watching people. TMS is the largest Nascar venue and holds 200,000 people! With that said I will add that this race didn't have that many as I saw the two end sections of the back stretch had no people. Regardless, that's a lot of people. The photo above was a trailer on the midway for one of the most popular drivers, Will Farrell as Ricky Bobby! It really tickled us to watch people start laughing when they saw who was on the trailer.

The first few laps with the pace car featured Terry Labonte in his car and his son Justin driving the car that Terry won his first championship in! This race is Terry's last, so many a tribute was given.

We had great seats and even though Tony Stewart (admittedly one of my favorite drivers) beat Jr (our personal favorite), it was a great race.

We got home last night at almost 10:00 and were very pooped pups! And speaking of pups, Joe was very glad to see us as he did not get to go. He hardly ate while we were gone and Lynne' said he stayed in his crate and pouted the entire time! ;)

And only 3 days until surgery - woohoo!

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Anonymous said...

Elizabeth, sorry to be off topic in your comments, but was it you who left the second comment on my nitting blog that you could not print the pattern for ladders and cables socks? Second Elizabeth does not have a public BLOGGER profile, but it just seemed strange to have two of the same name consecutively.

If it was you and you want the pattern I could try emailing it to you. Let me know at janDOTbishopATgmail.COM

I'm sure you can work out what to do with the words in block capitals. LOL

I like your verses after your posts.