Thursday, January 13, 2011

Brooklyn Loves the RV Show

Ahhh….good times!  We went for our 3rd annual RV Show excursion with Brooklyn last Saturday and had such a grand time.  We picture ourselves as someday being a retired RV couple so we do love the shows.  The beauty of it though is we are nowhere ready to buy, so really we go to figure out exactly what we like – and to dream – and to share that time with our granddaughter.

One of the things that tickled me most is when we first got to the convention center they had a little kiosk set up selling tickets to get into the arena where the show was being held.  I got the tickets and B ran over to the escalator so that we could go on our ride!  Naturally as grandparents we rode up to the 2nd floor with her – and then took the next escalator up to the 3rd floor.  She looked out over everything from way up high, then contentedly rode the escalators back down.  I think she would’ve been perfectly happy to go home at that point!


photo (10)

As with the other years she still loves the balloon piles. And that silly 3 year old cheesy grin…


photo (11)

This year the fascination was definitely with the showers – she absolutely loved them and had to get in just about every one. 


photo (12)

Up on a bunk bed doing a little “test”.  Her eyes are looking at another little girl probably a year older than her that was climbing up to be with her.  We were trying to get her to look at me and smile and she finally told us “Not now, my friend is coming up here with me!”  Happy that she’s so friendly!


photo (13)

We did stop and get some water and take a short break, though when we ordered only one bottle at the concession booth she informed us that she did not want to share.  I told her that since a bottle of water was $4 that she would indeed share….and she said ok.  Smile

And in case you just feel the need to see the last two years at the RV show I’ll share the links.

2010 – this one has the video where she tells me I’m too big.  :/

2009 – she looks so little….

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We love to go to the local RV show!! We already have a pop=up camper, but we like to go just to look!!