Monday, January 03, 2011

Brooklyn’s Beautiful Dress

I know that we all have put Christmas 2010 behind us and we’re looking towards 2011 now, but please indulge this Grandma that had no internet to document the incredible cuteness of her 3 year old granddaughter during the holiday season.  There’s really not much to do at this point but to share a few photos before moving on.  Smile

On Christmas Eve we went to the Children’s service at my in-law’s church, which also happens to have been our church back when we lived in the same city.  Pastor started out by addressing the large crowd and letting them know that this isn’t what the usual services are like, that this one is geared toward the children.  He warned that there might be some “little lambs bleating” during service, but that it was perfectly ok.  At that point he called all the children forward to tell the story of Christ’s birth in his unique fashion.

I’d say there was at least 50 children during this service and they were all so darling in their finery and so animated to be up at the front.  We happened to be Front Row Joe’s and had a great vantage point from our seat, but Brooklyn did go forward for most of it.

The story was darling.  Pastor would pull little cutesy figurines out of a box – Mary, Joseph, the animals, Baby Jesus – and tell the story.  He had the children shouting answers back to him and truly it was a blessing.

Back up about an hour and a  half though and we almost didn’t make it.  Poor little Brooklyn had fallen asleep on the couch and we had to get her up to get her ready to go.  Think about waking up a 3 year old that hasn’t had a nap in two days and had only slept for about 20-30 minutes ….. it wasn’t pretty.

She did come out of it though and was her usual adorable self.  When we got back to her great-grandma’s house Keith and I wanted a picture of our darling granddaughter in her beautiful Christmas dress.  And that’s when the cheesy grins started coming out…and the cute little turn of the foot:






Grandpa did finally get her to laugh and  not have quite the silly face:



One last picture so I can share the darling little coat that went with the dress:



Thanks for indulging a grandma that is madly in love with a little 3 year old girl.  Smile



How precious! She is so adorable! Makes a grandmama proud, huh?


Kathy ... aka Nana said...

As a grandma myself, I certainly am more than willing to indulge you ... 3 is my favorite age (my youngest grandson is 3 and I could eat him up!). Your granddaughter is a doll!

Just Call Me Grammy said...

What a cutie! The dress is darling and I LOVE the coat! She looks pretty good for being being woke up for a short nap--that is not a good thing for any 3 year old I know!