Sunday, February 01, 2009

Brooklyn at Bass Pro Shop

Friday night after work we picked up baby girl and headed to Bass Pro Shop to let her run around.  The kids were going out with friends and we were basically killing time.  I'm here to tell you that this is THE place to take an 18 month old!  She had a blast and is turning in to quite the little magpie, copying everything that her "bapa" (grandpa) did.  In the photo above they were sitting in a camo atv and every button he pushed, her little finger followed.  When they got out Keith did a little dancey step and Miss B did the same thing.  All three of us laughed and it was a great moment.

One of her favorite places was the fly fishing room.  Not because of the great things there, but because it had the most awesome wooden floor that made great noises when she stomped on it. :)

She visited most every boat on the showroom floor, especially enjoying the pontoon boats.  They had them displayed so that we climbed a wooden ladder, then just walked down a wooden platform and could get on each boat.  She would step on a boat, open the little gate, let us in, close the gate, and then walk around.

And tents were grand fun as well!  I think we went in and out of every tent so many times that I felt like I could be the salesman.

They also have a wooden bridge that goes over a pond full of fish.  We thought that would be a fun thing for her to see, but really what she loved was the wooden floor to stomp on.  She went over the bridge, back and forth, probably five or six times.  We finally enticed her elsewhere, only to see her head back to the bridge and stand at the foot of it doing the sign for "more" - she wanted to walk the bridge again!  And really who are we to argue since this was indeed all about her.

About that time her Aunt Lynne' called and we went to meet her for dinner.  So nice to watch Miss B's face light up when she sees her aunt!

Very good times....


Stephanie said...

I like the Bass Pro Shop too :)

JeanieBeanie said...

Oh my "What red little cheeks you have!!"

Joansie said...

Sounds like so much fun. I love bass fishing and will have to tell you someday about the prizes I won at a bass meeting. thought the guys were going to kill me.

Your grandchild is absolutely adorable.