Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Stamp Club - Sympathy and Thank You

Sometimes things just work out so well. I usually have kind of a mental list of cards that I need to send and at Stamp Club we just happened to make two of the cards I needed. In fact, the first card is easily one of my favorite cards of all time.

We recently got word that the wife of the pastor of our church back in OKC had passed away. She was the kind of person that absolutely everybody loved and so this was really hard. A gentle, kind soul that truly loved the Lord, we rejoice that she no longer feels the pain. And yet she will be sorely missed by all.

And this card will be winging its way off to somebody that recently sent something to me. Her kindness is much appreciated.

This is the year that I want to send more cards, both for real reasons like above and for some "just because" type of occasions. I went through an entire year of Stamp Club last year and for the most part kept the cards because they turned out well and I wanted to use them for examples. But in reality they have sat in a box and haven't seen the light of day. That is just silly as they could be bringing joy to somebody's mailbox, so this is the year for that.

Remember the days of getting a letter or card in the mail? I especially loved handwritten notes. I would open the envelope and hurriedly read the letter or card. Then go back and read it slowly and savor every thought that was written. My grandmother was probably my best "pen pal" as she often sent letters and cards for no reason at all other than she loved me.

Reading this blog shows how much I love computers and quick communicating, but a part of me pines for the old-fashioned way too. I had a special wooden box that I saved cards and letters in and even today could go and look through some of those notes. It's kind of hard to do the same thing with email, though I suppose we could print them out.

I challenge everybody to send a note or card out this week to somebody you care for. I guarantee you'll bring a smile to somebody's face.


Renna said...

First of all, I'm accepting your challenge; and I thank you for issuing it, as a kickstart for me to do what I know I should be doing.

I also love getting mail. I could have written the paragraph you wrote about savoring the handwritten words in a letter. I have often thought that one of the greatest things I miss about my Nanny being gone (to Heaven) is the letters and cards we used to exchange with each other.

I'm so sorry about your friend that died, though as you said, she's not in pain now. It's the ones left behind who suffer.

Your cards are so beautiful, about the prettiest I've ever seen.

Wool Winder said...

Not only will they be encouraged by the words you write, they will feel loved because you spent the time to make the card so special. Both are beautiful!

Angel said...

These cards are both just beautiful!
I, too, hope to send more cards! You are so right? WHY do we let them sit in a box instead of being enjoyed. And shhh... don't tell, but I have been stamping for so many years that I have 10 plastic shoeboxes nearly full!!!!! WHAT A SHAME...

Katie said...

Your cards came out beautifully. You are right about needing to send them and not hold on to them. I finally made myself do that with a bunch of favorites I didn't want to part with. But my friends and family that I sent them to, for random reasons out of the blue, all loved them and told me how nice it was to get something unexpected and NOT a bill.

I also agree on the whole email thing, when my husband and I were seperated for a bit when he began graduate school before we got married we sent a card to each other a few times a week. I've got them all saved carefully away and they are very special. I printed out the emails we sent too, but they just aren't the same.

Basement Stamper said...

I sent a few cards out this week, I love to send them out and have been getting much better about mailing them.

Love these cards, they are both gorgeous!

Tricia said...

Love these cards!! They're beautiful, and I know they will be appreciated.

JeanieBeanie said...

Gogous!!! Love them!!! If you blog all of them, than you will have your sample if you want to make another!!! Unless of course our blogs just disappear one day. Horrible thought...can not think of that happening!!!