Friday, February 20, 2009

Mojo Monday Card....On Friday!

Yesterday I issued a challenge to a friend of mine for us to both make a card using the Mojo Monday sketch. Happy to say I actually did get mine done! This card uses Happy Harmony stamps from Stampin Up and the papers are from somewhere online that had digital paper. Love doing hybrid cards. Not sure that printing my own paper actually saves money since there's ink and paper involved, but at least maybe this way I won't buy so much paper just to have it sitting around.

And a side note to this card - it's one of my absolute favorite Bible verses. I've got it printed out and hanging on my cube wall at work. A good reminder when things don't go as maybe I wish they would.

And I am definitely going to put this one in the mail. :)


Renna said...

Some lucky recipient will be VERY blessed. It's beautiful! :-)

JeanieBeanie said...

Love the challenge and your card!!! it was fun gluing and cuting. Have not done that in a while!!!

valerie said...

Great job! It's beautiful and I love the verse too and need to remind myself oten to give thanks in everything.
Have a great weekend!