Saturday, February 07, 2009

Trail Mix For Shopping Strength!

I mentioned in a previous post about the craft show we're at this weekend. It's called An Affair of the Heart and comes to the Oklahoma City fairgrounds twice a year. When I say it's big, I mean really big! Most years it fills 5-7 buildings at the fairgrounds and it's not a simple task to make it all the way through in one day.

Many years ago when we lived in Tulsa I'd take a van load of girls down to OKC for the day and we'd meet up with mom and her friends. So much fun and so many memories. Keith and I were talking about it one night and I was laughing about a moment where our actions were not the smartest. My friend, we'll just call her "D" and I went down a day early and splurged with a hotel stay. In the middle of the night the fire alarm went off and we sat and discussed at length whether or not it was legitimate! The alarm went off after a few minutes and we finally decided to get up and open the door to see if we saw smoke and when we didn't we went back to sleep. Looking back I am just appalled that we did this and am grateful that we had angels watching over us!

So back to this weekend - I made this little snack bag for Jeanie so that she'd be able to keep her strength up. There's probably as many different combinations of trail mix as there are stars in the sky! The idea for this one came from The Biggest Loser cookbook and contains popcorn (Smart Balance brand), Quaker Oatmeal Squares cereal, dried cranberries and mini chocolate chips. The fiber and sugar should help give us strength during the day!

The little topper was made using stamps from Hanna Stamps - Everyday Sentiments and Getting Physical. I thought since we'd be walking the craft show for probably 9 hours that the water bottle and tennis shoes were the perfect images! And could "Shop Til You Drop" be any more perfect for a day at the craft show?


Stephanie said...

The snack bag is adorable and functional. What a great idea!

Renna said...

First of all, the snack bag is adorable, aside from the contents being very yummy looking.

That craft fair sounds awesome! I seriously think I need to get Hubby to take me next year!

southerninspiration said...

Sounds like a great mix!!! And way to think ahead! Be ready for anything/everything on a good shopping day, right?


valerie said...

Hi Elizabeth,
It's so nice to meet you and I appreciate the comment on my blog.

I just love An Affair of the Heart.
I really do think next year I'm going to take Friday off and enjoy two days of it. There are so many beautiful things. I think I mentioned in my blog that we only made it to three buildings. Last year was my first year and we plan to return every year.

The trail mix looks delicious. That was very thoughtful of you.

I'm glad the weather was cooperative....a little windy, but at least there was sunshine.

God bless,