Friday, February 13, 2009

Baby Hats for Guild

Do you ever have times where you're just so tired and can't go on? I think I hit that late yesterday afternoon. But last night was knitting guild, so after dinner I packed my bag and drove away. After the first mile I realized the folly of driving so tired, so I turned around and came home, told Keith I was going to lay down "for a minute" and woke up three hours later! At that point it was late enough that I just went in to wash my face and brush my teeth before crawling back under the covers. I feel better today! However, I did miss out on guild last night.

One of our service projects is knitting baby items for a local hospital. I saw this pattern mentioned here and quickly followed her link to the pattern and printed it out.

This is a fast knit since it uses worsted weight yarn. And let me tell you how fast - I started and finished it last Saturday night while we watched movies at mom's house! I just love to think about a baby some day wearing this hat. Hopefully the prayers and thoughts that were knitted into this hat will bring a smile to the wee one's face. Or is it just gas when newborns smile??? ;)

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Katie said...

I am sure the new mommies appreciate the cute handmade hats! When I taught in Santa Fe, I worked in a school with a significant number of low income families. There was a group that would send us handknitted hats and mittens from time to time. I brought them over to the kindergarteners and you should've seen their little faces light us when they realized they got to pick out a set. Poor things, they didn't normally ever get anything new and just for them.