Thursday, October 16, 2008

Things In My House Thursday

This is the first time I've joined Things In My House Thursday here on my blog, though I've enjoyed reading posts from others.  I think the stories that go along with the "things" are the best part of the posts.
This bread basket sits on a corner buffet in my dining room (except for in the photo above where it sits for the photo op).  It's a fairly new addition to my home, but is full of sentimental value. 
And inside the basket are three pieces of "bread" that have Bible verses printed on them. 
Many, many years I bought this at a craft show for my Grandmother for Christmas.  To this day I can still see this sitting in her kitchen and it makes me smile to think that she enjoyed it.
When she passed away my very special aunt when through the house and pulled together items that each of us had given Grandma and returned them to us.  I think this is such a great idea and had never heard of it before.  And now each time I pass my buffet on the way out the back door I catch a glimpse of this and it makes me think of my grandmother's sweet smile and love for the Lord.


Mary said...

I love it! What great memories behind it. Glad you joined TIMHT

MSM said...

I wish I could find something like this at a craft show these days; the whole idea is fantastic.

It's wonderful to think that you enjoyed buying and giving it to your Grandma, that she enjoyed it, and now that you enjoy it as something special from her - a beautiful, loving circle!

So glad you joined TIMHT! : )

Jessica said...

Thats cute! It would also be cute to make felt bread slices for kids- they could have simple Bible verses embroidered on them.

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

What a treasure. Every time you see it you will think of her and every time she saw it, she thought of you. It came full circle! :o)

Renna said...

That is really neat, Elizabeth. They are pretty, offer special memories, and present God's Word all at the same time!

I have a little wooden sheep that I painted a scripture on and gave to my late sis-in-law before she died of cancer. Like your gift to your grandmother, the little sheep was returned to me upon the death of my sis-in-law. With it's country style and color (blue), it doesn't really go with my decor, but I'd never give it up as I also think of my sis-in-law each time I see it; plus you can never go wrong having more of God's Word in the house! ;-)

JeanieBeanie said...

You find the best websites and blogs!!! Love the basket!!!

*carrie* said...

That's so neat--I've never seen anything like it before!