Monday, October 13, 2008

Joe's Surgery and Oddball Baby Blankets

I just returned from taking Joe, my golden retriever, to the vet to get bandages removed.  The photo above was taken Friday evening when we picked him up from the vet.  He had a fairly large tumor on his "elbow" and they removed it.  They also discovered through his blood work that in addition to being epileptic he also has hypothyroidism, which explains a lot of problems he has.  So now we have a geriatric dog that takes more pills each day than we do.  Good thing we love him so much.  :)
One of the online groups I knit with does what they call Oddball Baby Blankets.  This particular picture is of the Candy Corn Oddball Baby Blanket I just knit on.  The first person casts on and knits a section using any yarn and stitch (within guidelines), then mails it to the next person.  I did the white section and sent it off to person #3.  When the blanket is finished it will be donated to an area hospital.  I love the sense of community that this brings. 


Wool Winder said...

Nice stitch pattern. I joined the Oddball group recently. Still waiting for my first blanket to arrive.

Renna said...

Ah, your Joe looks so sweet!

I haven't participated in the Oddball blanket group in awhile due to commitments elsewhere, but I did work on a full sized one and a preemie one earlier this year. I just saw this week that the full sized one I worked on is finally completed and returned to it's starting place for the final border. It made me feel proud to have been a part of it. :-)

I LOVE the candy corn colors!

Gnat said...

I hope Joe heals quickly! What a cutie. He's in my prayers.

Lizbeth said...

I just love this orange colored baby blanket!! Great choice!!