Thursday, October 09, 2008

Senior Angels for Chemo Angels

In addition to having the opportunity to show a photo of a photo of Brooklyn, I wanted to show you the notecards I just made.  All I did was take an 8.5 x 11 piece of cardstock cut in half and stamp an image in the corner.  I used pink ink and then went over the top using clear Stickles.  Easy peasey and CUTE!
Now the reason I'm showing this today is that it went in the mail last week to a new and dear friend of mine.  "N" and I have just met and in fact the note and photo above is the first time I've corresponded with her.  We met through the Chemo Angels site.
I'm not sure how I first found this site, other than clicking from one site to the next - y'all know how that goes.  But it touched my heart and really spoke to me, so I signed up.  Once I was approved I was told it might take a bit before they have somebody available that needs an angel and I was assigned about a week ago.
Being an angel means that you commit to sending a card, letter or small gift a minimum of once a week to somebody that is undergoing chemotherapy.  I signed up for the senior program as I lost my dear grandmother to ovarian cancer and in fact put her name down as my "in honor of".
The angels are trying to be a light in the midst of a dark situation.  The organization has ideas and helpful tips, including what to write.  One of their suggestions was to talk about your kids, pets and grandkids and anybody that reads my blog knows that I'm a tad partial to a certain little grandbaby, so her picture was the first I sent.
Awesome organization.


Renna said...

First of all, thanks for sharing how you made the card. It's beautiful in it's elegant simplicity, and so easy, which always appeals to me!

I've never heard of the chemo angels before. What a wonderful program!

Lana said...

What a beautiful card! I've never heard of the organization before, but it's sounds wonderful. You will be such a blessing to whomever you get! Your granddaughter is a doll!!!

Stephanie said...

Thank you for sharing the information. This sounds like a great program!

JeanieBeanie said...

Awwww, there that sweet Brooklyn is!! Can I be your Senior and you send me these cute pictures. I will cover my refrig with them. The notecard is fabulous. Love the pink swirl!!! Less is more in this case!! I did sign up for me a Senior. Just waiting now and getting excited about the idea of maybe getting to send out some of these awesome swap cards I have accumilated and now are finally ready to let go. Lets hope I get a lady since most of them are a little girly!!! Thanks for sharing the website!! You know I have to do what you do! Its because we are 2 peas in a pod!!!

cinnamongirl93 said...

What a nice program you joined. I'm sure that your hand sritten cards will bring the receiver joy!
I just started making cards. I don't know what I am doing so I just kind of wing it.
Thank you for visting me at my blog. I hope you come back!
P.S. I love the title of your blog!

Debbie @ said...

Hi Elizabeth, thank you so much for visiting my said your hubby will love your next project...hey I looked at your blog...and thought, what if you spray painted canning lids pink...put pictures or positive sayings in them, sparkle them with glitter, maybe make a Chemo angels tree, using a white spray painted tree branch...hang little ornaments from it from pink ribbons. Just a thought!
I'm always full of ideas...I like decorating because it makes you feel better, but I like to walk into a room see something that lifts my spirits!